colorbotton.gif (1653 bytes) Hyundai :Engine loud noise occurred at 130km/h was
  (Santamo 2.0EFI, Gasoline, M/T) disappeared and an accelerator is smoothly
operated even at the 5th gear after installation
of two CYCLONE.
colorbotton.gif (1653 bytes) Hyundai After install 2 Cyclone was changed
  (Grandeur 3.0MPI, Auto T/M) 6Km/L - 10Km/L
colorbotton.gif (1653 bytes) Kia (Sportage) :After install two CYCLONE next to the turbo
  (Diesel, Turbo Intercooler,M/T) intercooler, 5th gear can be used even at
40km/h(previously at 80km/h) and vibrating
noise is reduced and fuel consumption is
changed from 12km/I to 14km/I.
colorbotton.gif (1653 bytes) Kia (Pride) :Maximum speed is changed from 115km/h
  (1.3carburetor, used model,M/T) to 145km/h. Noise is reduced & power
colorbotton.gif (1653 bytes) Daewoo :After install 3 cyclones, 5th gear can be used
  (New Prince 1.8L, MPI, M/T) at 1200rpm (previously 2500rpm)and milleage
change to 15km/L, from 10km/L.
colorbotton.gif (1653 bytes) Honda After install 6 Cyclone, Max speed was
  (Civic 1.6 DOHC M/T) changed 170km/H - 210km/H.
Powerful and Noise down.


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